Welcome to the new academic year at Chantry High School. I am very proud to report that our GCSE results were the best ever for a second year in a row. It is also very encouraging to note the progress made by last year’s Year 10 students with the GCSEs they sat in the summer term. I am confident that we will continue to make very good progress this year. However, such results require hard work and close working in partnership with parents.

Over the summer we have been working very hard to improve the school environment and particularly our catering arrangements.

I very much look forward to working closely with you this year.

Our School has Three broad aims:

Achievement is the cornerstone of our school. Educational achievement is our core business and we provide high quality learning and teaching.
opportunities with our highly committed and motivated staff. We offer a broad
curriculum to engage all our learners; a feature of our school which Ofsted found ‘outstanding’.

We are committed to listening and acting upon the views of all stakeholders. Parents, pupils and the wider community have an important role to play in shaping our school.

The way we look after each other is fundamental to our school. This applies to all in our school community. We work hard to support pupils with their learning; this often means ‘going the extra mile’ on a day to day basis. Staff are also well looked after both in terms of professional development and well being.


Should you have a query about admission or transfer arrangements, please contact:

Admissions, Southern Area Education Officer – Telephone: 0845 600 0981

Transfer Arrangements

(number of years – 7)

At Chantry we do everything possible to make the transfer from Primary School as smooth as possible. To support this we employ a Transition Support Assistant who works with pupils in their primary schools from February and continues to support them at Chantry during the Autumn and Spring Terms. In addition, other key staff visit the primaries and speak with the young people to discuss their hopes and fears. We liaise closely with the primary schools to ensure we understand each young person’s needs and aspirations. We offer opportunities for parents to come and speak to us.

Parents are always welcome to visit the school during the school day. If you wish to do so please contact the office for an appointment with a senior member of staff.

Our intake number is 250.

New pupils are invited to attend Chantry for two days during the Summer Term. Dates to be confirmed (July 2011).

Parents are invited to the school to meet their child’s Year Manager and other key staff on the evening of the second day.

Careers Advice – Connexions

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you are in Year 11 and still wondering about that, then perhaps a talk with a Connexions Adviser might be helpful!

Advisers from Connexions offer friendly and impartial advice and support to help you make the right choices in your life. We work with all young people age 13 – 19. You can come and talk to us about career and education plans, and anything else that’s on your mind. Parents and carers are welcome to get in touch as well, of course.

Sarah Oliver and Isabel Warren, Connexions Personal Advisers, are in school to meet with you every week.

Appointments are also available with Chris Fenner, our Recruitment Adviser, for young people looking for work & training. Whether you are very unsure about your future, or just in need of some information on your career options, do come and talk to us – that’s what we are here for! We have a Connexions room in Damien block, opposite D1.

Contact us directly, or ask your form tutor/Year Manager to pass on any interview requests to us.

Parents & Community

Our school is very involved in the community and has links with the Maidenhall Community Garden who work with our students helping them to grow vegetables and herbs which can then be used in our Food Technology Department. Our local Co-operative Store provides us with Fairtrade goods, and during Fairtrade week the students set up stalls selling these products. This gives them an understanding of global issues relating to food production.

On a global scale, Chantry has links with schools in Uganda and Kenya and students are made aware of the issues facing school children there, i.e. lack of sanitation, water, food and resources. Recently children, parents and our local Tesco Store have been instrumental in providing pens and pencils for the children in Uganda for which they were extremely grateful. One way in which parents can be involved is by helping to provide lunches for these children under the ‘Beans Means Brains’ lunch project.